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Strong and Powerful Slogans and Quotes Against Bullying

Slogans and Quotes Against Bullying
The history of human tendency to single out someone goes way back in time. Many have had to suffer the indignity at the hands of a select few. The anti-bullying quotes and sayings given here can be used to send across a strong message to such perpetrators.
Anup Patwardhan
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
At the Root of it All
Most present bullies have been victims of bullying at some point of time in the past. They are known as 'bully-victims'.
Bullying is a huge menace. A person may have to face it right from the formative years in elementary school to high school and college, and in some cases, even after that. It is one of the prime causes for someone to withdraw partially or completely from their social life and be drawn into isolation.

A little roughening out can make people tough. But a line needs to be drawn. There are many adverse effects even among grown-ups, let alone kids. The victims, besides social withdrawal, are at a higher risk of suffering from depression, substance abuse, and having volatile relationships, among other problems. And this menace is not limited to boys alone. It is an equally acute problem among the fairer sex as well.

Here are some great anti-bullying quotes and sayings that will help you take a stand against the offenders.
Slogans Against Bullying for Posters
take stand lend hand
Stop bullying! Make a difference.
You do not become big by making others feel small.
Being a bully is display of inferiority complex.
Bullies show everyone how cowardly they are.
Change your ways. Being nice pays.
The way to be..... bully-free.
Don't pick a fight. Do what is right!
Bully outside. Coward inside!
Bullying is bad. It makes the rest sad.
Take a stand. Lend a hand.
Bullies Non-Grata.
Bullying is whack. Get on the right track.
be human not bulls
Become humans. Leave bullying to the bulls.
Use your brain. Being a bully won't gain.
Cheer! Bullying is not accepted here.
Make the Grade. Join the anti-bully crusade.
Need not be a cop to tell bullies to stop.
Words can't rewind, so remember to be kind.
Don't turn your back. Tell them bullying is whack.
To make others feel the pain is just plain insane.
Others expect. Treat them with respect.
You are not being bold. You act plain cold.
Belittle, to be little.
Only thing fair is to treat others with care.
Do not be rude and put others in bad mood.
Don't be a fool. To act like tool is no cool.
Quotes Against Cyber Bullying
no mean behind scene
Cyber bullying is as bad as real bullying.
Online harassment has an offline impact.
Cyber bullying leaves bruises - internally.
Post. Don't roast.
Don't be mean, behind the scene.
Attacking one's personal appearance kills a soul.
Both, abortion and cyber crime, result in death before the government acknowledges their present.
Quotes to Stop Bullying
matadors bullies
Bullies are just cowardly thugs who pick up on weak one nearby.
Don't make anyone miserable. Everyone is perfect in their own way.
Be a buddy, not a bully.
It is easy to bully, only the really strong can help others.
There is no place for bully in a good society.
A bully-free environment makes for a better atmosphere.
A sign of weakness is meanness.
Stop the pain you cause.
Help, don't hurt.
"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself."
―Harvey S. Fierstein
never pull down to go up
You can never reach the top by pulling someone down.
Only matadors like bullies.
"Courage is fire and bullying is smoke."
―Benjamin Disraeli
Bullying is similar to smoking. It kills.
Strong people stand for themselves, while the strongest stand for others.
Boycott bullies. Otherwise, you may be contributing to someone's suicide.
When others are trying to bring you down, it means you are above them.
A negative mind will never contribute anything positive in your life.
All the uncredited sayings here are either by anonymous individuals or are common proverbs. It is important for the victims to remember that they are beautiful in their own way. Opinions of others must not effect or define a person. Take help of these short and inspirational quotes to take a stand against people who like to gang up against others.