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Some sarcasm here :-) And of course, no offense to anyone, just the thoughts of a rambling mind...
Edward K.
The other day, I was at the receiving end of a lecture [read: scolding, dressing down, etc] - let's not go into for what and by whom - and it was full of 'wise' saying and quotes. Every 3 lines there was a 'did you know what so-and-so said?' And, 'according to so-and-so, this is not good?' 'So-and-so always lived by' and blah blah blah and blah. And it went on and on. Of course as with all dressing downs, I managed to tune it out from the second word itself, and was pretty soon lost in thoughts of my own. However, to say that those two words didn't have any effect on me would be wrong. To my misfortune, the dressing down started with a quote - or was it a proverb - that got me thinking about these wise men, celebrities, and others who dream up these damn sayings that we have to suffer from. Now that I think about it, another thought has crossed my mind - what is the difference between a quote and a proverb?
I digress, but yes, that's me and you will have to put up with my wandering mind. So before I go too far, the difference between a quote and a proverb. It seems that a quote is something that someone says, that can be attributed to a person, a site, or something specific, but a proverb is something that is based on 'long experience'. Hmmm. Right. Experience, I have some of that, so does what I say become proverbs? Anyway, where was I before I started rambling on these non-related topics? Ah yes, the two words of the quotes I heard, led me to think about these people who have written - is that the right word? Somehow I can't see any superstars writing proverbs or quotes or whatever the hell they are. Maybe coined is a better word. Yes, that's it. Coined. Has a nice ring to it. Oops, was I rambling again? Back back back. No more I promise. Sheesh. Did it again, didn't I. Anyway, so there are so many of these quotes, proverbs, and sayings floating around that there seems to be an apt one for everything you do. Hah, and you were afraid of big brother.
To think about it, the word I used earlier, 'coined' might just be the right word after all. Leave aside its literary meaning, these days I think [CMA here] that anyone with loads of money [read: millionaire, billionaire, etc] have a few [many, you say] quotes attributed to them. Never mind the fact they might not make sense. Never mind the fact that they may have already been quoted before. Money talks. And hence coined. So do not be surprised if the name of the - can I say quoter? Is that a legal English word? Never mind - person who quoted it is much more familiar than what they said. Or if you thought that someone else probably said it before. That happens. When you have enough money, maybe I'll be writing your name somewhere in this article. Wait. I said maybe. So I went looking to see if any examples of this existed. Can't say [or won't say, you decide] if I found any, but here are some quotes that are just begging to be pointed out.
I never completed high school and I am very rich and very successful.
Tré Cool or Frank Edwin Wright III; Green Day Drummer
Heard that one before? Have you completed high school? Didn't Gates say something similar? Oh Wait. He has more money, so maybe his would have qualified earlier. I completed high school [unfortunately it seems, there is so much money to be made outta school], but I'm not sure if what I say can be contributed to a quote! I guess the logic is that since he is famous, people might actually take notice of him and would want to know what he says. Though I can hardly imagine the mother of any budding drummer wanting this quote on the refrigerator.
When I get down on my knees, it is not to pray.
Madonna. Do I really have to explain? Seriously. Ah damn, its Madonna. Google it. Give your mind and imagination something to think about. [evil grin]
What about this one? Heard this one before? Ok ok. No embarrassing questions here. But seriously, would anyone want to know that? Is that what you would do if you were famous [read: lots of money again]? Say something that would be remembered in time just coz it was a taboo or something. I can contribute a lot then. Hello, we said no embarrassing questions, didn't we?
Anyway, let's just stick to proverbs then. They have 'long experience' behind them, so I'm sure that they can't be too bad. No harm checking though. Hmm. Looked around, found about a million. How much 'long experience' does that relate to? After searching, it seems that there are proverbs that can relate to whatever you are feeling at any point of time. Sounds strange? Wanna test it out? I am listing out some of the common emotions and let's see if we can find a few proverbs for them.
Happiness [You knew I was going to start with this, didn't you?]
Democritus, (460?-370? BC)
Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.

I wonder if he would say the same if he were living now. I have said it before. Money Talks. Period.
Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.

No wonder he or she didn't want to put their name here. If I have it why would I want it. Some English lessons please.
Sadness [Don't worry, there is no order here, the common emotions first]
Roman Proverb
It is difficult to feign wit when one is in a sad mood.

Did all of Rome feel this way for it to be a Roman proverb? Wow! That must have been one sad place. You think this is where the 'when in Rome do as the Romans do' came from. Does this mean that I am happy? [I thought there was some wit here..heheh...moving on, moving on.]
Anyway, you get what I mean? There are so may proverbs, that you can literally find one that applies to your current situation. If you want to heed it, fine. If not, also fine. All I wanted to say is that you would do better heeding a proverb rather than a quote. Anybody can quote, but remember proverb is 'long experience'.
Another thing to ask yourself about, did these people who thought of these proverbs, or the regions or wherever the hell they originated from, follow it. Or is it a case of just sitting back and giving advice. That I don't need, thank you very much. You can't smoke 10 packets a day and tell your son not to smoke. Even though you know its bad. Just doesn't work that way. You getting what I mean right.
A barking dog never bites. (Anon?)
Ancient proverb it seems, do you want to try it out? Or does it mean that while barking the dog will not bite? That's kinda obvious. You can only do one thing at a time. At least some time ago you could. Hmmm.
There is just so much room for misunderstanding these proverbs. Here is another gem 'A golden key opens all doors'....good luck dim-witted robbers.
Oh. Work calls. Must end this now. Doesn't really matter. I wonder what I was trying to say when I started out. Never mind. There will be another time. [I hope.] Adios.
But not before.....
'Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work'. Robert Orden.