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L'amour Vainc Tout: French Love Quotes for the Romantic in You

French Love Quotes
Romance is an art that can be patented by the French. Check out some of these French love quotes penned by some of the greatest romantics of all time, and draw inspiration from them to make your beloved fall in love with you all over again.
Ankana Dey Choudhury
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
L'amour est la poésie des sens. 
~ Honoré de Balzac.
Meaning "Love is the poetry of the senses", what could be more poetic than a line like this. Since time immemorial, the French language has been utilized to weave together some of the most beautiful and poetic quotes about the most beautiful sensation in the whole wide world, love.

These romantic French phrases have done more than adorning the pages of Literature. They have solaced and consoled every lonely lover by stating the anomalous behavior of love, they have allowed the eager lover to express his truest feelings to his beloved which would have otherwise remained unexpressed due to the lack of appropriate words, and inspired many a writer to create their own masterpiece. So, here's your chance this love season to heat up the magic in your love life by mesmerizing your beloved with some of these French love quotations in any way you like!
Famous French Love Quotes
Here are some famous French sayings about l'amour that will remain etched in the sands of time forevermore!
C'est cela l'amour, tout donner, tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour. ~ Albert Camus

Translation: "That is love, to give away everything, to sacrifice everything, without the slightest desire to get anything in return."
Le prix d'Amour, c'est seulement Amour... Il faut aimer si l'on veut etre aimé... ~ Honoré d' Urfé

Translation: "The price of love is love itself. One must love if one wishes to be loved."
Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour. ~ Le Coeur innombrable, IV, Chanson du temps opportun by Anna de Noailles

Translation: "Nothing is real but dreams and love."
Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé. ~ Letter to Lina Calamatta by Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin

Translation: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."
Entre deux coeurs qui s'aiment, nul besoin de paroles. ~ Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

Translation: "No words are needed between two hearts in love."
L'amour fait les plus grandes douceurs et les plus sensibles infortunes de la vie. ~ Madeleine de Scudery

Translation: "Love makes the greatest pleasures and most sensitive misfortunes of life."
L'on est bien faible quand on est amoureux. ~ Madame de Lafayette

Translation: "One is very weak when one is in love."
Le plus grand faible des hommes, c'est l'amour qu'ils ont de la vie. ~ Molière

Translation: "Man's greatest weakness is his love for life."
Amour veut tout sans nombre, amour n'a point de loi. ~ Pierre de Ronsard

Translation: "Love wants everything without condition, love has no law."
Quand il me prend dans les bras,
Il me parle tout bas,
Je vois la vie en rose.
 ~ La Vie en Rose by Édith Piaf

Translation: "When he takes me in his arms,
and speaks to me softly,
I see the world through rose-colored glasses."
Aimer et être aimé sera la grande affaire de toute notre vie. ~ Rousseau

Translation: "To love and be loved will be the greatest event in our lives."
La passion est toute l'humanité, sans elle, la religion, l'histoire, le roman, l'art seraient inutiles. ~ Honoré de Balzac

Translation: "Passion is in all humanity; without it, religion, history, literature, and art would be rendered useless."
So there you go! Some of the greatest words spoken by some of the greatest minds in history. These love quotes in French are eternal for they are as true for us today, as they were for the generations before us. Use these French quotes about love in cards for your beloved and see her eyes warm up instantly. After all, love isn't all about tears and heartbreak, you know. So go ahead and sweep her off her feet in style like all these great lovers before you did.
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