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Zealous Cheerleading Quotes to Create Winning Moments

Cheerleading Quotes
Cheerleading is an important part of college and high school, and if you're a head cheerleader, the responsibility is overwhelming. If you ever fall short of the courage and confidence required, look up some cheerleading quotes and you'll get back on your feet in no time.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
Inspiration and motivation have no boundaries. At any low point in our lives, inspirational quotes have a huge part to contribute and help us rouse from our state of dejection. Though not a very significant thing in the eyes of many, a fall or any unfortunate accident before the main event can discourage a cheerleader permanently. But nothing must stop one from achieving their dreams. The article below enlists some really good cheerleading quotes that'll help you gain confidence and happily cheerlead for your college team.
Cheerleading quote
"Wanna know what CHAMPIONS look like? Gimme 2 minutes and 30 seconds and I'll show you." - Megan Done, Ontario, California
"Shake what ya momma gave ya and most of all be sassy" - Kim, MA, USA
"I trade sweat for strength. I trade doubt for belief. I trade cheerleading for nothing!" - Kate, Midland, Ontario, Canada.
"Cheer as hard as you can, be the best you can at what you do because remember if you don't think you're good there's always a little girl looking up to you thinking she wants to be like you." - Michelle, Bulls Gap, TN, USA.
"Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme." - Kara, WC, Ohio, USA
"We may make it look easy, but like all sports it takes hard work and dedication" - Shawna Fox, Manchester, NH, USA
Cheerleading team
"All women are created equal...then a few become cheerleaders!" - Erica Gardner, Putnam, CT, USA
"Cheerleading is life, you must give it your all, and always strive to be on top. It teaches you so much, from how to be a team player, leadership, dedication, confidence, and many other qualities." - Natasha, WV, USA
"Cheerleading sneakers...$50; Cheerleading Camp...$130; Cheerleading uniform...$175; Being the Cougar Coach and seeing their smiles after coming in second place at CYO competition...PRICELESS" - Lisa, Staten Island, NY, USA
"Wimps lift Weights, Cheerleaders lift People" - Stephanie, PA, USA
"We cheerleaders are peppy and happy and get front row seats to the game!" - Casey, Eureka, CA, USA
"I got spirit! Yes, I do!..I got spirit, how bout you?!" - Ghetto Super Star, BC, Canada
"Together we stand, together we fall. All for one and one for all!" - Mariabella, FL, USA
"It's so much fun! Girls just think that it is all about popularity, but it's not. You have to work really hard if you want to be good at cheerleading. It's just like any other sport!" - Stephanie, CA, USA
"There are two kinds of people. Cheerleaders and the one's who wish they were." - Rachael, CO, USA
"Come to a practice! There's tears, bruises, fears, furious coaches, learning, being awesome! And we still go out there because we love it!" - Penny, TX, USA
"We cheerleaders are peppy and happy and get front row seats to the game!" - Casey, Eureka, CA, USA
"It's all about the smile. If you can mess up and still smile then you're a natural born cheerleader. What's a cheerleader without a smile?" - Jasmine, MS, USA
Cheerleading quote
"Cheerleading is a part of you. You live it all the time. People will judge you based upon it, but you can't be ashamed because although they may make fun of you, they are just jealous that you are on of the elite, the superior, the best... a cheerleader!" - Kacy, CA, USA
"If football is so sensational, why does it take CHEERLEADERS to excite the crowd?!" - Danielle, NY, USA
"Cheerleading is one of the most physically demanding sports. I don't know what I would do without cheerleading. It relieves stress." - Dani, OH, USA
"Cheer, Cheer, Cheer to get through the year! When you're flying high look to the sky, and say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" - Mcheer Captain, Memphis, TN, USA
"It's not a question of WINNING, It's how you CHEER THE GAME." - Elizabeth, Dahlonega, GA, USA
"U can hold me, u can love me, u can kiss me, and u can touch me, but don't u dare say Cheerleading is not a sport!!!" - Allie, NJ, USA
Cheerleading quotes can be funny, entertaining, catchy, and inspiring! Cheerleading is not only about dancing, vibrant clothes, cheering, and flamboyance! It's a display of discipline, practice, dedication, determination, acrobatic skills, and athleticism. These quotes are full of passion and zeal and are bound to evoke an ocean of positive thoughts in the minds of its readers.