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Break Up Quotes

Reshma Jirage Sep 23, 2018
Nothing is more pleasant than falling in love, and nothing is worse than a break up. Here are some quotes that interpret the exact feelings of a break up.
A relationship break up is a very sad situation in the life. It is just like a nightmare. All your dreams are shattered. It can be quite easy to fall in love, but it is very hard to get over a break up. It may not be easy for you to forget all the special and intimate moments that you both spent together.
There may be any reason for the break up, but true love cannot be forgotten and memories are never lost. You may feel very lonely and neglected. It's no doubt a very hard time in anyone's life.
These famous quotes and sayings will reassure you that you are not the only person suffering from this pain. There are a number of lonely souls who have been hurt.
The loss of love is not nearly as painful as our resistance to accepting it is.
―Tigress Luv

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.
When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
―Alexander Graham Bell

I never can love another
As long as life may stand.
No maid the wide world over
Shall hold this heart or hand.
One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing.
―Byron Nelson
I was never the one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I lived.
―Margaret Mitchell

The heart was made to be broken.
―Oscar Wilde
Breaking up is a natural evolution when you try to figure out what you want in life. If you're with an individual who isn't moving in the same direction and at the same rate that you are, it isn't going to work.

It takes a couple of seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye.
I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person.
―Rita Mero
If you really love something set it free. If it comes back it's yours, if not it wasn't meant to be.

Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart do not know how to laugh either.
―Golda Meir

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.
Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.
―Victoria Holt

When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It's like death.
―Dennis Quaid

These break up quotes will help you overcome your grief, and start your life in a new way. Take care.